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Dragon Pearls

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Premium Jasmine Pearls

Beautiful in both form and fragrance, stunning ‘Dragon Pearls’ is the finest Jasmine tea available. The beautiful jasmine flower, a native of Persia, was introduced to the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty after journey along the silk road. Each dragon pearl is meticulously hand-rolled before being heat infused with night-blooming jasmine flowers. Each morning, the dry flowers are replaced with fresh blossoms. This scenting process is repeated over many days and nights to ensure the maximum amount of fragrance and luscious flavor.
You will love watching the pearls come to life as they gracefully unravel in your tea pot. The fresh and intense jasmine aroma resembles a lovely floral bouquet, while the clear infusion thoroughly relaxes the body and mind.


Net weight

80 G (2.8 Oz)


100% Natural White Tea (scented with jasmine blossoms)