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Beyond the Sea Sachet

$ 28.00

海 . 旅程
Refreshing Sea Buckthorn & Zesty Grapefruit

Set sail on a thrilling journey for the senses when you enjoy a cup of our ‘Beyond the Sea’ herbal tisane. This crisply vivid blend inspires visions of seaside escapes upon the very first sip. Delicately flavorful and incredibly fragrant, this blend is a real treat for tisane lovers. The sea buckthorn fruit offers a zingy flavor with a slight resemblance to that of sweet oranges, while the grapefruit provides an invigorating aroma.
Take a trip somewhere way beyond the deep blue seas when you sip on this wondrous herbal tisane.


Net weight

20 G


Apple, Rooibos, Rose Hip Peels, Lemongrass, Sea Buckthorn Berries, Roasted Chicory Root, Marshmallow Leaves, Whitethorn Leaves, Willow Herb, Mallow Leaves, Heather Blossoms, Dwarf Everlast Blossoms, Natural Flavoring

* Caffeine free